S.u.N 2nd Annual Founder’s Day Ball

The Sorors of Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority.  On April 9, 2012 Celebrated our 2nd year as a Sorority in SL with our 2nd Annual Founder’s Day Ball at Virtual Harlem’s Cotton Club w/ Dj. Osixx

The Founder’s Day Ball is the highlight of year for Sigma Upsilon Nu.  The Cotton Club on the Virtual Harlem sim is a buzz of excitement as the Sorors arrive elegantly dressed in gowns, their escorts impeccably dressed also.  A night of enchantment begins as DJ Osixx aka Ciroc Soulstar spins tunes to celebrate two wonderful years of sisterhood with many blessings for more to come.  The Founders Cleopatra Kellman and Angel McMullen chat with the guests as they arrive, showing all the grace and style of being in Sigma Upsilon Nu.  The next two hours the people come and show support and love to S.u.N.  We are blessed with the rare appearance of  Monique Kessel, another founding Soror of S.u.N., who meets, mixes, and mingles with the newest Sorors.  It is a wonderful night of love and sisterhood.  Wishing all the Sorors well and many more years of Service.  Congratulations to the Sorors of Sigma Upsilon Nu on two years.

Check out the rest of the Pictures from this magical evening at our Flickr page  http://www.flickr.com/photos/66888354@N02/sets/72157630829550514/