IT’S TIME TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OR YOU WILL CONTINUE TO FALL FOR ANYTHING. Many of us have seen these words as a group before but have not applied it to our daily lives. We as a people, not individually but as a people, have for many years believed that it is in the plans of the “white man” to keep our people in poverty, in ignorance, in miscommunication.  We as a people have not come together as a WHOLE to demand our freedom from impoverishment, from our ignorance, from the idea that there are others that are superior to us. To this day we are surrounded by black men and woman fighting for the rights for the empowerment of our being, whether it’s education, economics, technology, and or health care.  However, some of us wonder aimlessly still hypnotized by the fact that we are “better than back in the day” or not IMPORTANT enough to take what is rightfully ours, like our education, the right to healthcare, the right to provide for our family financially. And although we have fought for these rights and established our rightful place at the voting booths there will still be many that will choose to sit on their asses and decide not to VOTE.

I stand before you and plead the case that OUR VOICE MATTERS.  Just as thousands fought freely against police dogs and water hoses for the privilege to stand in line at the voting poll we should be proud to take the baton for it is our turn again to vote this coming election.

Blacks as a matter of routine have hypnotically voted Democrat with few or no follow up of the promises made; without educating ourselves on the issues; without even familiarizing themselves with the candidates. In the year 2000 we went to the polls with the words “lesser of two evils” on our lips. In 2008, the American People voted on our first African American president.  Whether we came out to vote for a black president or on the issues we must do the same in 2012.  We must not continue to sit and WAIT for others to do for us what WE, having the ability and the resources to research, and RETRIEVE for ourselves.

We live in a country that still to this day allows the devastation, racism and the pure ignorance against Americans such as Trayvon Martin. We go to war and leave our own country in economic devastation – Americans homeless.  Although our campaign this year is SHUT UP AND VOTE, YOU have a voice that should ring out in a boastful roar.  November 6, 2012 is your time to rise up and let EVERYONE know that we will NOT Standby without being heard.