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I think one of my favorite things in SL is fashion.  Because I use to do some dabbling in designing in RL I am truly in awe of the designers that can create realistic designs.  I truly believe it to be an art – to create something so chic, so feminine, so couture is an outwardly display of the designers style and character.  The highest display of appreciation is knowing that someone is as excited about that same creation.  One of my favorite designers is of L&H Couture – La HOT – La Hot Couture La Couture.  I met this extremely talented designer at one of her boutiques about two years ago and literally bought everything.  While I was going through her creations she thanked me and proceeded to then give me another design that she had not released.  From then I knew she was not only an extremely talented artist but a wonderful & generous person that created simply for the love of creating.  To this date I continue to browse marketplace as well as her main store looking through her original and absolutely detailed conceptions.  My favorite thus far are the head wraps – I simply adore the time she has taken to develop such a realistic and detailed accessory; and although she can ask for a higher price for her wraps she is humble enough to offer her pieces at a reasonable fee.  So, if you’re looking for an ethnic, feminine creation that sets you apart from others take a look at L&H Couture.  I guarantee you will not be disappointed.