That should have been Sigma Upsilon Nu’s motto. The statement is significant especially when we live in society where nothing is guaranteed. Where people live pay check to pay check. Where children are bullied daily and go to sleep hungry. It takes a village to make sure those things do not happen or happen less and far in between.

When S.u.N. was formed I never could have imagined how far reaching our causes would extend. It always amazes me that a group of woman who pride themselves on high self-esteem and the uplifting of one another would pledge not only to form such a strong bond of sisterhood but extend their resources to help others outside of what we considered to be boundaries. I firmly believe that we are our sisters and our brother keeper – we are that village. If our brother, our sister, our children feel pain it is our ethical responsibility to give a helping hand because their pain and suffering ultimately are ours.

In keeping with the commitment and mission to serve our community whether it’s SL or RL, Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority starts another chapter in giving. On Saturday, December 15, 2012 ΣΥΝ kicks off the Angel Tree Foundation with our 2nd Annual Winter Wonderland Event. Every year at this time a family in need is chosen from one of our Sorors hometown in which funds are raised to assist during the holiday season. On this day we are asking everyone to support us with our first family “The Callaway Children”


The “Calloway Children” are resilient as they manifest through the storm that they are currently in the midst of, they continually work hard, going over and above what is required of them.  The oldest has maintained honor roll status through it all. They all love to draw and are happy and love one another to the utmost. They are not concerned as most children about what they have or have not or even friends. They are more concerned about each other and school.
Date: December 15th, 2012
Time: 6pm-8pm SLT
DJ Ice Cold of WHAT?! Radio
Attire: Formal Attire
 With Excellence Through Unity Our Goals Are Never Unreachable.
This Season We Begin One Family At Time