Every year at this time we make ourselves empty promises that we so eloquently call New Year Resolutions. I think it comes from hoping to resolve the ups and downs of the previous year – we look at our past circumstances and decide to make a change subsequent to life lessons. I can understand that because for the last few years my New Year’s resolution has been, “I am going to get healthy, eat right and exercise”. The end result was I weighed the exact same at the end of the year if not more. Another “resolution” was, “I am going to be productive and start my business”, but in all honesty that business plan is still in the “Idea Box” with yet another mark showing a year has passed. I procrastinate and have advanced my skill of ‘putting things off’ to an expert level. However, what I have learned was to build on the friendships that I will always cherish, appreciate the heart ache that I had to endure and the welcome the good and bad in my many situations with both feet planted. I learned that whenever I get knocked down I am able to brush myself off and get back in the ring because my Lord and Savior will only give me what He knows I am capable of handling – so I HANDLE IT.

As the clock ticks down I am forced, because of tradition, to make my 2013 New Year’s Resolution and that is:
To close all doors that I have gone through already and not turn around to the past because I will only get past results; To love on myself more, if that is possible, because no one will ever love me as I do so very well; To simply be better for me and others.

As you leave 2012 behind remember that you are leaving it BEHIND and Be blessed in 2013 for your future is always greater than your past.