The 28 Faces of Black Women

This month marks the first day of Black History month.  As a sorority  who believe in “Excellence Through Unity”, it is only fitting that we take the time to present and remember some of the notable women in African American History.

Each day this month, we will present a short biography on famous, inspiring, and world-changing African-American women throughout history.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the riches black woman in the world (yes, richer than Oprah), Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija.


Picture from Genevive Magazine, Nov. 2012 Issue

Born in 1951 to a well-off Nigerian family, Folorunsho had deep passion for fashion. In the 1980’s she decided to follow her dreams and study fashion in England. After months of study, Folorunsho became the creator and owner of “Supreme Stitches”, a luxury Nigerian fashion brand.

In 1993, Mrs. Alakija purchased an oil prospecting license. Folorunsho did not know a thing about oil, but she did not let that stop her! She signed an agreement with Star Deep Water Petroleum Limited, and hired the company technical adviser to help her company find oil. She never sold her license, and to this day remains the Exectutive Vice Chairman of Famfa Oil Limited.

Mrs. Alakija’s worth is around 3.3 billion, a great achievement for the 61-year-old Fashion Designer and Oil Tycoon!