What Pledge Means to Me.

Our Line had a LEGACY to uphold not to fail family and ourselves. We all had to humble ourselves to get through this.  We did not know what to expect. We did not think it was going to be easy.  Each Line had to do the same things you had to do.  We felt the same way you do now.  We had to understand that friendships and fun had to take a backseat because this was serious. Our friends and family have become our beacons to lead us across the burning sands to help us make the journey into sisterhood.  We could not take what was said to us personally because it was said to us for a reason.  Legacy was 3 and no amount of support can hold someone when they have made their mind up. We had No one but each other the 2 of us alone. S.u.N Nova’s, Pledge is checking your egos at the door.  Pledge is different. Pledge is tough. Pledge is working together. Pledge is humbling. It’s about helping one another. Lifting your sister when she falls. It’s about discovering your short comings and overcoming them to help your line move forward. It’s about spotting weakness in your sister and giving her the help to make her stronger. It’s about understanding and commitment to a goal that you and your sister want to attain. It’s about togetherness. It’s about support not judgment. Not just talking about being one line one soul. It’s about being one line one soul. It’s about WE, not me. It’s about US, not you. It’s about Give, not take. Unity not Diversity. ONE VOICE FOR ALL.  All united behind one strengthening the others. Bringing Excellence to the forefront. Making each one proud your reaching your goal. To live up to your Line Name. To become a Soror of SuN. That is what Pledge is…

By Lcuddles Gans

Can you handle it?