Destiny ~ Line #9


I would like to introduce the newest line of Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority named “Destiny” consisting of:

Diamond Meness – Big Sister Assurance

Jayla Winkler-Rossi – Big Sister Notorious

Michaela Melodie – Big Sister Black Swan

Tae Carter – Big Sister Tranquility

Tyrisha Neox – Big Sister Serenity

Yasmina Lemon – Big Sister Harmonious

 Here are a few photos of their 4 week journey across the burning sands to the day they arrived as full and member of Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority.

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During the 4th week, I asked them “Describe in one word how you feel so far about pledging ΣΥΝ.”  Diamond said “Enlightened”, Jayla said “Challenging”, Michaela said “Provoking”, Tae said “Determined”, Tyrisha said “Humbling”.




Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority would like to welcome the women of Line #9 Destiny.  You are not just members you are our Sorors, you are our Sisters, and you are our Friends.  Cheers to a long and loving sisterhood