2013 Founders Weekend ~ Award Ceremony

I Am Cleopatra

Acknowledgement is one of the privileges we as Lady Founders use to show our deepest appreciation for the work and time our sorors put into our Sorority.  It is not enough to wear the tag; each of us from the start understood that this organization is an active sorority with principles and a philosophy, which is centered on sisterhood, love and respect for all women – that is embedded in our standards and the makeup of our organization.

As we continue to grow our sorority, the one thing that is constant is our ability to serve in excellence and in unity in Secondlife and in our real life.  While all of our sorors are worthy of all accolades presented by the founders, our task is to pick one soror to receive the following:

The Baby Panther presented to the newest Soror that showed herself to be motivated from the initial…

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2 thoughts on “2013 Founders Weekend ~ Award Ceremony

    • Aren’t we though Sis?…How often is it that we as women take the time to recognize our own contributions to society and celebrate the achievement of our sisters? What a beautiful sisterhood we share, and an excellent model for our sisters who have yet to recognize their own abilities and greatness!

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