Top Vacation Spots in Second Life By Soror Diamond Meness-Khandr

So you’ve worked hard and the summer is bringing the cries of that one word that makes it all worthwhile: VACATION.  That’s right, its vacation time and what better way to spend the summer than kicked back on a beach, relaxing on a tropical island, or taking a drive out to the snowcapped mountains to escape all that summer heat!
Even here in Second Life, one can take a vacation and enjoy some peace and quiet with a loved one or even with family on a SIM that promises to provide you all the amenities needed to help you get away for a week.

This article takes a look at six amazing Vacation Spots that’s sure to provide some relief to you and your special loved one or as a family a way to escape.  So let’s get started.
It was a tough job for this Soror, but someone had to do it.  Packing up my swimsuits and winter gear, yes, I said winter gear, to head out to six of the most beautiful and amazing places in Second Life to have a vacation, me and my husband was looking forward to the sights and sounds.




Our first stop was the Great Escape Honeymoon and Vacation Getaway Retreat.  This beautiful vacation spot is perfect for the great outdoors couple.  Set on a gorgeous crystal blue lake, couples or even families can enjoy a variety of activities such as bike riding, boating, swimming, and even a ‘camp’ site for roughing it in the woods.  Of course you can also stay in the amazing log cabin home that has a host of amenities for your pleasure. The entire SIM is full of beautiful and breath taking waterfalls, a family could sit by the pier and watch the sun come up or even go down.  The home is equipped with a kitchen to cook all the wonderful food for your loved one or family.  Take a look at the gorgeous pictures.

Vacation Spot Pictures 1 Vacation Spot Pictures 2 Vacation Spot Pictures 3




Our next vacation spot took us to Las Brisas Island.  It’s a Honeymoon-Lovers get away that is the most beautiful tropical beach retreat.  There is so much to explore and so much to do…  This SIM Vacation spot is definitely not for the children!  So leave the kids with relatives and go to this amazing adult SIM to rekindle that love.  There is a gorgeous fireplace outside on the beach and lots of nooks and crannies where you can express your love to that special someone over and over again!  And with all the heat that will be going on, be sure to stop by the Ice Cream Truck to help cool things down, but just a bit!

Vacation Spot Pictures 4 Vacation Spot Pictures 5 Vacation Spot Pictures 6 Vacation Spot Pictures 7




Spot Three took us to the snowcapped mountains of Silvermoon Bay.  You arrive to this wonderful destination in your own personal SUV where you are suddenly stuck in the snow!!  What’s a couple to do!?!?   Snuggle up by the fireplace located in the cabin and leave the rest up to your imagination!  Enjoy any of these three places each on an entire homestead so you have plenty of privacy.  There are no neighbors and no unwanted visitors.  Once you arrive, public access is turned off and you’re stranded alone with your loved one!  All three of these venue are full of the most up-to-date Sex  Furniture on the Grid if it’s for you and  your loved on.   Contact Robinnurse Rowlands to set up an appointment but in the meantime, all three SIMS are open for your viewing pleasure.

Vacation Spot Pictures 8




Our next stop took us to the beautiful Island of Oahu, Hawaii!  The beauty of Leis and Coconut Drinks, Hawaii is one of the premier vacation spots for anyone.  In Second Life, it’s the perfect spot for that vacation couple who wants to get away from the stresses of Second Life for a week.  There are 21 Vacation Rentals to choose from and plenty of things to do to keep the family busy and learn the history of Oahu Hawaii.  There is an Amphitheater, a drive in theater for the family to enjoy a movie, lots of cute shops to bring home souvenirs for friends and families, a hang out hut to meet with other vacationers, and an education center.  There is swimming and surfing as well for those who want to brave the Hawaiian waters.  When you want to take your loved or family on a nice week long vacation, this is the place to come.

Vacation Spot Pictures 10                   Vacation Spot Pictures 9




Next we stopped at The Garden Breeze Restaurant and Retreat!  No Cooking on this Vacation!!  When you first land on this amazing SIM your senses are exploding with the beauty of the tropics!  There are the most beautiful waterfalls on a bed of glistening water.  There are two retreats to choose from and each are absolutely amazing!  You can just smell the breeze of flowers and freshness in the air.  There is a cozy living room to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  There is also a nice kitchen area and a bedroom that is absolutely beautiful that will bring many nights of blissful sleep (or maybe not lol.).  When you are ready to dine, just head over to the Garden Breeze Restaurant, an amazing place to enjoy your meal with your loved one and or family.   Dinner plans include: appetizers, main course, desserts, and drinks, with your own personal waiter or waitress.  Meals consist of Beef, Chicken, Seafood, and pasta dishes.  Dessert ranges from Ice cream, trifles, sorbets, and pies.  Drinks include cocktails (Sorry parents, no kids allowed in the restaurant)

In addition to bringing a special loved one, you can also bring friends or coworkers here for a special outing.  Don’t forget to make your Reservation to have that total dining experience.  If you have an absolutely wonderful time, and we know you will, you can buy one of the homes that they have available by checking out their Prefab stores.  If you’re looking for wedding supplies, look no further, they have that too!  Get in contact the Vasanti Romano for more information and reservations.  You are guaranteed to have a great time.

Vacation Spot Pictures 11 Vacation Spot Pictures 12 Vacation Spot Pictures 13 Vacation Spot Pictures 14




Our final spot and by far the most amazing and beautiful location one could enjoy, was Paradise Cove Hideaway. This featured vacation spot is indeed a Paradise.  Three beautiful home are set up on this lovely SIM.  There are lots of little hideaways and secret locations to enjoy spending time with that special loved one.  With Bike Rides, Games, a Bar, and White Water Rafting, Yes!!  I said White Water Rafting, you are sure to have the most amazing time.  There are many common areas so that couples can meet up and have a great time talking and getting to know each other.  Each vacation spot is set to private so no one can zoom over to invade your privacy, so go ahead and enjoy yourself!   My husband and I got a first class tour of this amazing Vacation spot for that special someone or families and we left feeling like VIPs.  We took a boat ride with owner of the SIM, Rosco Dexing on the most amazing tour of his three amazing suites.  The entire SIM is a tropical paradise that will have you coming back over and over again.  So make your reservation and get your own personalized ride to your villa and start enjoying the most amazing Vacation SIM on the Grid.  We were so impressed with this SIM we had to sit down with the owner and discuss his vision behind Paradise Cove Hideaway

Vacation Spot Pictures 15 Vacation Spot Pictures 16 Vacation Spot Pictures 17 Vacation Spot Pictures 18 Vacation Spot Pictures 19 Vacation Spot Pictures 20 Vacation Spot Pictures 21


Diamond Meness: How did you hear about Second Life and What made you come here?
Rosco Dexing: I have 2 rl sisters here and we wanted a way to stay close because we are in different cities right now
Diamond Meness: Was contact strictly as a means to communicate to family or once you got here, you liked Section Life?
Rosco Dexing: Once I got here I liked it and it took on a life for me. I’m a single dad
Diamond Meness: What do you mean it took on a life for you?
Rosco Dexing: Well I got to meet people and go out and have fun, but it got better after I met my wife.
Diamond Meness: How did you meet your wife?
Rosco Dexing: We stayed friends for about 8 months.  She is just so different from all the women I met and we started to date.  Then we got married.  OMG she is my world.
Diamond Meness: Tell us about Paradise Cove Hideaway.  Was it something you created on your own or was it a collaborated effort with your wife?  What made you want to create something so beautiful for the community?
Rosco Dexing: My wife and I are so into family and my daughter just got married 3 months ago. My wife and I had our honeymoon in a sky box, which was nice, but you really got love your mate to make it in a few days in a skybox. My son and I searched for 2 weeks for a place but when it came to my daughter I wanted more for her, so we searched for about 2 weeks.  Some places had the box like the one night stand type of hotel and I was like hell no. Other places cost 8k for a week so I talk to my wife and family, mainly my wife, and we made a list of all the things we wanted, not just for honeymoons but for couples to be able to have a place to get away to.  If it cost too much you can do a getaway to often because you have kids and other things to take care of and you start moving a part.  You need that time to be together.  That’s why we set the cost in a comfortable range so you can relax more often. My wife has a vision of how to bring in the feel. We wanted a place you could just relax. Weddings cost so much, but then you don’t have a place for a honeymoon to start your new life.  I learned that from my wife. Life after the wedding is more important.
Diamond Meness: Where did the name Paradise Cove Hideaway come from?
Rosco Dexing: My wife.  The family made a list of like 15 names and my wife placed the name we all liked the most.  We wanted the name to match the place the spirit.
Diamond Meness: What does a couple do once they get to Paradise Cove Hideaway?  What amenities do you offer?  Is it strictly for honeymoons, or romantic getaways and family vacations are available as well.
Rosco Dexing: The main part is honeymoons and couple getaways. Once you get your house you can check in and then explore all the common areas.  If a family wants to come and rent the land I have an idea of the cost.  There are about 10 different sites and fishing and white water rafting.  You have to be able to laugh and have fun with your partner.  There is privacy. Your names are added to that house so no other couple can enter.
Diamond Meness: What do you do on the down time? When there is no one renting.  Do you rent to businesses or groups to host events, etc.
Rosco Dexing: Yes.  It depends if you want to stay over. The land holds 20 people at one time. So say you want a weekend for a group and you want the houses, I would do that for 8k for 2 days, but you get a free day before your time starts. Check out is midnight
Diamond Meness: Where do we see the future of paradise Cove going.
Rosco Dexing: A full SIM.  We will add more of a winter and maybe receptions. My wife has a vision.
Diamond Meness: Is there something you want your customers to know that we didn’t ask you?
Rosco Dexing:  We are a family business.  I have 3 daughters, my son in law, and my granddaughter and great granddaughter working with us.  We want to make everyone’s SL as real as we can. The joy on a happy couples face is what we are after.
Diamond Meness:  Well Mr Dexing, thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and me and my husband wish you a lot of success.  We see great things happening with your vacation SIM.
Rosco Dexing: Thank you.



So needless to say Second Lifers, Vacations are back and back strong on Second Life.  Spending time at any one of these amazing Vacation Spots will have you well rested once your vacation is over and you will be refreshed and ready to take on the world of Second Life again.  But as long as we have a place to escape, we can handle anything.  All of these owners did an amazing job with making sure that your vacation is well worth the lindens and time.  So take out the suntan location, or in some cases, your winter boots, and start your vacation today.  All of these places book up pretty fast so you better get your anniversary dates set now.


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