Lupus Around the World: Butterfly Tattoo~The Short Film

In the honor of World Lupus Day a German film maker contributed a short film to bring awareness to Lupus. The Lupus Foundation of Germany will host on May 16 and May 17 the 5th German Lupus Day of Science at the University de Frieburg.

“About one third of lupus sufferers have a rash in their face looking like a butterfly. That’s why most of the lupus organizations around the globe use the butterfly as symbol.

Like a tattoo, lupus is permanent. It’s engraving. It’s causing pain. Something you have to live with for the rest of your life.

And as a butterfly needs some time for its transformation, a person suffering from lupus needs time to accept such an unpredictable disease like lupus and to learn to cope with it.”

Simone Müller-Pretis

Myra is a German singer and producer with Filipino roots, was diagnosed with lupus after a severe flare of the disease.  For Lupus Foundation Germany, she describes her fight for accepting and coping a life-threatening disease with touching words and pictures.

This project is our contribution for World Lupus Day. Our aim is to raise and encourage awareness for lupus, and to help lupus sufferers to leave their isolation. Lupus is a rare disease in Germany, and therefore most of lupus patients keep their lupus secret.

Please feel free to share your experiences and thoughts with us on following pages:

In cooperation with: Wonder Of Arts:
Waschhaus Media:

**Information courtesy of The World Lupus website**



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