Lupus: Research = HOPE

Current lupus research projects include:

  • A Specialized Center of Research in Lupus at the University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • A Lupus Registry and Repository that researchers across the country can utilize to help identify genes that determine susceptibility to the disease
  • A Neonatal Lupus Registry that researchers across the country can utilize to research data and genetic information on neonatal lupus
  • Funding for The Lupus Federal Working Group—to focus on lupus research progress
  • Research studies to better understand:
    • Genetics—genes that are associated with susceptibility to lupus or play a role in the development of lupus
    • Biomarkers—something that can be found in cells or tissues that predicts lupus flares or lupus disease process
    • The lupus disease process—how it affects different organs, how it behaves in its earliest clinical manifestations
    • Treatments, such as the medication rituximab, which lowers the number of white blood cells that produce antibodies
    • Overcoming barriers that tend to keep some populations from complying with prescribed treatment.

One thought on “Lupus: Research = HOPE

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