About ΣΥΝ

A Little about Sigma Upsilon Nu

We strive to be the Elite of SL sororities. As woman, as a sisterhood amongst ourselves, as a SL sorority we strive for excellence.  Although our heart is filled with the love we have for our sorority which includes how serious our commitment is to Sigma Upsilon Nu, we also make a purposeful effort to enjoy our SL experiences and commitments – whether that is family business or just plain fun.  Those who take an interest in SUN must have or develop the same commitment and love as our current sorors and founder as we grow as a flourishing sisterhood.  Carrying ourselves with pride class and dignity isn’t an option but defined characteristics that all sorors share and what is reflected in the SL community.

The S.u.N.rise

Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority was born in the hearts of its founders on April 9, 2010 when dissatisfied with a lack of consistency with standards within their former organization, Cleopatra Kellman (Big Sister Everlast) and Angel McMullen (Big Sister Gemini) set out to create a sorority based on sisterhood and integrity and excellence. Neylaan Kytori (Big Sister Steadfast) and Monique Kessel (Big Sister Go Hard) were brought aboard to complete the founding team. Sigma Upsilon Nu was created to offer women within the SL community a place of sisterhood with attention to standards and integrity.  Upon the formation of Sigma Upsilon Nu the founders thought it necessary to activate the role of Mentor, which is supported by Soror Deeva Allen aka Big Sister Wisdom.

The Dawning of a new Era

On April 29, 2010, Sigma Upsilon Nu crossed its first official line – Evolution which consisted of Sorors Floetry Catnap aka Big Sister Passion, Former Soror Jennyfer Silverfall aka Big Sister Dazzle, Former Soror Lustfulbarbii Sugarplum aka Big Sister Fuego, Malika Shepherd aka Big Sister Quietstorm, Former Soror Rubee Sugarplum aka Big Sister Heavenly, and Tierra Xue aka Big Sister Sixx.  As we continue to grow our goal is to continue to walk proud as a panther, as delicate as an orchid, to provide strength as we take from the onyx, our sorority jewel.

The Mission of S.u.N.

To generate UNITY among all women by fostering a strong sisterhood based on Individuality, Honesty, Loyalty, Respect, Responsibility, and Excellence.


Excellence Through Unity

For more information about ΣΥΝ just click the below links.

The Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority offical Website

The Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority Facebook Fan Page  House of ΣΥΝ

Sisters with a Voice Facebook Fan Page.  The offical periodical magazine of Sigma Upsilon Nu

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