“Lupus Charity Event”

Sigma Upsilon Nu supports Lupus Awareness by fund raising and getting the word out about this autoimmune disease. Please join us on Sunday, April 19th as we continue our work!

“Lupus Charity Event”
The Purple and Black Formal
Sunday April 19, 2015 6pm slt to 8pm slt
Featuring ” DJ Ghost D of GDP ”
Location: the House of ΣΥΝ Grand Ballroom
Attire: Formal Purple and Black
All proceeds go to the Lupus Foundation US and UK

To learn more about Lupus, please visit:!our-charity/c241d

2013 Founders Weekend – Greek Unity Event

 founders day. flyer 2013

Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority ΣΥΝ put the call out for All Greek Sororities and Fraternities to join us in celebrating our 3rd Anniversary on the grid with our Greek Unity Event “It’s all Greek to Me”. 

DJ East

DJ East


DJ East Burner aka Big Brother Durty South of Omega Sigma Psi, SL Fraternity ΩΣΨ, kept the hot tunes spinning that kept our bodies moving all night.  We would like to thank the following Sororities and Fraternities for attending and bringing our motto grid wide “Excellence Through Unity”

  Zeta Alpha Psi, Nu Alpha Psi, Tau Beta Psi, Omega Mu Phi, Delta Alpha Phi, Omega Sigma Psi, Pi Delta Pi, Sigma Gamma Sigma, Tau Kappa Tau, Kappa Delta Chi, Alpha Kappa Delta, Theta Nu Theta, Eta Delta Pi, Delta Alpha Phi, and Gamma Nu Theta. Check out some of the photos or for all the photos go to our Facebook fan page House of ΣΥΝ

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*if i missed any Sororities or Fratenitites please don’t charge it to my heart because that was not my intent. 

2013 Founders Weekend ~ Award Ceremony

I Am Cleopatra

Acknowledgement is one of the privileges we as Lady Founders use to show our deepest appreciation for the work and time our sorors put into our Sorority.  It is not enough to wear the tag; each of us from the start understood that this organization is an active sorority with principles and a philosophy, which is centered on sisterhood, love and respect for all women – that is embedded in our standards and the makeup of our organization.

As we continue to grow our sorority, the one thing that is constant is our ability to serve in excellence and in unity in Secondlife and in our real life.  While all of our sorors are worthy of all accolades presented by the founders, our task is to pick one soror to receive the following:

The Baby Panther presented to the newest Soror that showed herself to be motivated from the initial…

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I Am Cleopatra


When I was introduced to Secondlife I never fathom or even realized what could be accomplished in a virtual reality. The reasons that people step out of their reality and jump into a virtual mindset has as many explanations as there are individuals. Over the course of my four years as a resident of Secondlife I have met many people good, bad, and ugly however nothing can compare to the family and friends that have touched my real life.

Three years ago, on April 9th, Angel McMullen, Monique Kessell, Neylaan Kytori, Mentor Deeva Allen and I formed Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority. Our main goal was to have a sorority that was honest, respected the lives of their sister and embraced all women unconditionally; we did not understand what exactly that would mean in virtually reality. Nor did we realize how our ideas, our commitment to RL/SL community service, or…

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ΣΥΝ’s Year in Review

2012 has been a busy year for Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority. Community Service and Sisterhood is our #1 Goal and each year we meet that challenge head on, because we love what we do.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, and DJ’s, for all they have helped us achieve in the past year as well as the support from our family and friends.  The support grid wide has been wonderful and it is well received and appreciated all from the bottom of our hearts. Special thanks to the Sororities and Fraternities that have come to show their support in our endeavors.

As we go step into 2013 with the adage “Quality over Quantity” we are prepared to present 100% to another busy and fulfilling year.

But below is an overview of 2012. Enjoy!

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S.u.N 2nd Annual Founder’s Day Ball

The Sorors of Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority.  On April 9, 2012 Celebrated our 2nd year as a Sorority in SL with our 2nd Annual Founder’s Day Ball at Virtual Harlem’s Cotton Club w/ Dj. Osixx

The Founder’s Day Ball is the highlight of year for Sigma Upsilon Nu.  The Cotton Club on the Virtual Harlem sim is a buzz of excitement as the Sorors arrive elegantly dressed in gowns, their escorts impeccably dressed also.  A night of enchantment begins as DJ Osixx aka Ciroc Soulstar spins tunes to celebrate two wonderful years of sisterhood with many blessings for more to come.  The Founders Cleopatra Kellman and Angel McMullen chat with the guests as they arrive, showing all the grace and style of being in Sigma Upsilon Nu.  The next two hours the people come and show support and love to S.u.N.  We are blessed with the rare appearance of  Monique Kessel, another founding Soror of S.u.N., who meets, mixes, and mingles with the newest Sorors.  It is a wonderful night of love and sisterhood.  Wishing all the Sorors well and many more years of Service.  Congratulations to the Sorors of Sigma Upsilon Nu on two years.

Check out the rest of the Pictures from this magical evening at our Flickr page