Amethyst Jetaime

Soror Amethyst

Soror Amethyst Jetaime

Amethyst Jetaime joined SL out of curiosity in August of 2006 after reading an article about Second Life in her local paper about building and was surprised at finding an entire world. After a few weeks learning the ropes, she taught herself to build and did it as a hobby for her own pleasure. A few months later a friend commissioned her to build some furniture for his RL company’s office in SL . Soon she was commissioned for other things and at the age of 6 months built her first sim, which included a club, mall and furnished rental properties. In the spring of 2007, she was hired as Chief Architect by a RL start up company in SL which assisted RL organizations set up in SL called Brightfield Virtual. At the time, Linden Lab had started the SL Solution Provider program to officially certify SL developers included in a list of people and their companies that was made available to RL and SL organizations. Application was required under the resident’s real life name. LL investigated and evaluated applicants for integrity, knowledge, skill level and experience who successfully completed projects for a minimum of four RL clients who were willing to give positive references. The officers of Brightfield Virtual applied and were accepted into the program in the summer of 2007 as a full service provider. Amethyst was made a partner in this business and later became the principle owner. Brightfield Virtual is still active today and is one of the oldest full service solution providers in SL. Over the years in addition to Brightfield Virtual, Amethyst has been the co-owner of two successful clubs in Second Life. The first in 2007, Inspirations, had the highest traffic number for a club opening in the history of SL up to that time, according to Linden Lab and continued to remain one of the top rock clubs on the grid . By the end of the year she left the club to concentrate on her chief business. In 2008 she and her partner’s in Brightfield Virtual bought Phat Cat’s Jazz Club from the current owner. This club was the oldest ballroom in SL but was failing and in danger of closing when it was purchased. Amethyst rebuilt the sim and with her partners returned the club to its position as one of the most popular ballrooms in SL. Having saved this SL legacy, she and her partners sold it for a substantial profit. Amethyst continues to be active in the SL club industry as both builder and business consultant.

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