Angel McMullen

Soror Angel 2014


Bio of Soror  Angel Mcmullen:

I have been in SL since March of 2008 when I first came to SL it was just to kill some time because it was cold out. I started modeling full time and model for some of the Top agencies and did very well financially. My Rl cousin and I started RED DOOR while that was going on my RL fiancé was killed so in order for me not to think I was on Sl all day it was my way out of reality RED DOOR became a success and I became somewhat of an addictive lol to sl. Being in Sl I have meet some really good people whom I love in RL and who has become my RL fam, my sorority and family. I am not on as much but still pop in to check on things and to see my loves.

In Rl I am Co- Owner of a Radio Station which I absolutely love, I am not into lime light so I am mainly on the back in but it is very fulfilling to bring people music I love. I have three wonderful children and reside in VA and Atlanta but from Queens NY. I am about to go back to school to get my degree in business My all-time dream is to open up my own dance studio which I will. If you ever in the area hit me up so you can stop thru. Thank you for reading my story.

Name:  Angel Mcmullen

Soror Name and line information: Big Sister Gemini / Founding line – Synergy

SL age and rezz date March 17, 2008 – 1800 days old

Partner: None

Children: Melly, Angel, Heaven, Tazz, Blaze and two prim babies that I hardly play with lawd I am an unfit mother lol

What does sisterhood mean to you? Sisterhood means that you ALWAYS have your sister back, you always have an ear to listen to your sister when she is in need. You are always your sister keeper for when and whatever she needs

How many started and finished your pledge line?  Well it was four of us, Three are still here and the other one had to attend to family and left us.

Would you go through pledge again? and why?  I didn’t have to go to pledge because I am a founder

What is your fondest memory of to date of being a Soror of SuN?  When all four of the founders cross our First line and we had brothers I felt since of accomplishment.

Your SL Occupation: Model/Club Owner

What type of Role play you do if any in SL?  I don’t role play- well try not to but who you see is who you get.

What do you do for fun in SL?  I shop when I do come on, I also go to some jazz clubs.

What is your pet peeve in SL ?  Liars

When you listen to music what is the first genre you choose?  Neo soul/Reggae/Gospel

Who is your favorite recording artist?  Jill Scott, Ledesi, Algebra, Dwele, Kim Waters, Patti Labelle, Whispers, Gerald Levert, oh and did I mention Jill Scott also Old school hip hop

What is your favorite movie and what is your favorite line from that movie?  Brown Sugar (When did you fall in love with hip hop, and Love and Basketball (I loved since 11 and the shit won’t go away)

What is your favorite television show?  Law and Order SVU…hands down

Do you follow sports what is your favorite sport and team?  Everything NY boo Giants, Yankess, Knicks and so on

What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?  Butter Pecan

If you had to plan your last meal, what would it be?  SEAFOOD that is my most favorite…CRABS

You just had the bad day what do you do to relax?  Listen to some music/lite some candles with incense burning /maybe with a glass of wine and chill

If you had a special super power what be and how would you use it?  My Special Power would to be to take the evil out of the world and I would use it on people that were mean and force them to do nice things for people and mean it and LOVE it

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