Suzette Laviolette

Soror Suz

Bio of Soror Suzette Laviolette

Who is Suzette?

That is a loaded question. I came to Second Life over 7 years ago because my rl sister had been playing for a couple months and was always telling me about it and showing me things. Based on what I gathered from the game I knew it would take up a lot of my time, so I decided to wait until Summer Break to begin the journey. On June 26, 2006, Suzette Laviolette was born. I had no idea what I wanted to do once on but I knew the limits were endless. I was lucky enough to have my sister as well as a girl she met who showed her around, online to guide me. These 2 were two of the sexiest, chicks in game. From day one, I was not a noob. They took me around and showed me the ropes like nobody’s business. People used to look at my rezz date and think I was someone’s alt because it didn’t add up. The reality was, I was a diva in the making from day 1 thanks to those to sexy avis.

In real life, I am very much and observer, as I stand in the background and observe goings-on. So this is for sure a part of me that I brought into SL. I decided that rl is full of drama and disappointments and such on its own, so in SL I would be drama free, 100%. I have done and experienced many things in sl as I have seen it grow and change many times, from being voice-less to updates every week, to being orbited with no fear of repercussions and the list goes on and on.  I have been involved in so much I wouldn’t even know how to begin, but most has been all in fun. I have seen people come and go and come back again sometime as themselves, sometimes as alts. All that I have experience in sl has assisted in shaping the being that is Suzette. At some point, I started working. I never intended to work cause I figured I did that enough in RL. I started out hosting for a Sunday evening gospel show. Not only was I hosting for the station, which was formerly Black Beats Radio (eventually became Black Soul Rhythms). I was part of the research team, which included researching, writing theme based, and music related trivia and information. It was there I was persuaded and inspired, because of my love for most music, to take a DJ class and become a DJ. Hence, DJ Suz-E-Q was born. Shoot, I don’t even know how many years I’ve been doing that.

I have had many experiences including being a part of several types of families. LMAO I will just leave it at that. I do love family and wouldn’t change any of it. I have met many wonderful people in game and have kept most of those as friends and family, unless of course they turned out to be drama cause I don’t do drama.


Name: Suzette Laviolette

Soror Name and line information: Big Sister Vigorous, Evolve Line #7

SL age and rezz date:  6/26/06

Partner: None

Children: 1

What does sisterhood mean to you?  Sisterhood means have a group of likeminded ladies who have your back and you have theirs. Ladies involved in true sisterhoods are able to except and embrace each others differences. I believe that the ladies of SuN exemplify sisterhood to the utmost.

How many started and finished your pledge line? I believe we started with 5 and ended with 3.

Would you go through pledge again? and why? I would absolutely go through pledge again. I believe that it was a life-changing experience. It caused me to look within and work on me. It wasn’t always easy, but it started the journey to becoming “the me,” I long to be.

What is your fondest memory of to date of being a Soror of SuN? My fondest memory would have to be when the sisters work together for RL causes. I love the outreach and the love that is shown through that work.

Your SL Occupation: DJ

What type of Role play you do if any in SL? I have done several types of role play in SL. I have role played family, which wasn’t hard as well as informant and worked in a maternity clinic.

What do you do for fun in SL? There have been so many things that I have done for fun in SL as I am over 6 years old.

What is your pet peeve in SL: My pet peeve in SL as well as RL is people who lie.

When you listen to music what is the first genre you choose? The first genre I choose is anything 80’s or old skool RnB.

Who is your favorite recording artist? It’s really hard to pinpoint a favorite artist as I enjoy “REAL” singers, not the ones who use auto-tune and other aids to perpetrate singing.

What is your favorite movie and what is your favorite line from that movie:  One of my favorite movies is “Love and Basketball. My favorite line is….I’ll play you for your heart.

What is your favorite television show: My favorite television shows are Cosby Show, Different World, and Living Single to name a few.

Do you follow sports what is your favorite sport and team? My favorite sport is Basketball.

What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream? My favorite ice cream flavor is Pecan Praline.

If you had to plan your last meal, what would it be? My last meal would be Mexican food beginning with, Chips and Salsa, Guacamole, Refried Beans, Spanish Rice, some type of enchilada and a hard shelled taco.

You just had the bad day what do you do to relax? When I have had a bad day, I love to break out my art supplies and drown my bad day in beautiful art pieces, based on something beautiful that has given me inspiration, while playing 80’s music.

If you had a special super power what be and how would you use it:  If I had a super power, it would be to spread Happiness to all. I believe that the key to ALL things negative is Happiness. With this power, I would go around making sure that everyone is Happy, in order to end depression, mental illness, wars and so on…


Soror Suzette