Msphiladelphia215 Zepp

Why I joined Sigma?

 I joined SuN because I have did my research and did pledge for one sorority and stayed with it for a while. I was pleased at first but then it all went downhill.. Then came the drama. I HATE it….So then I heard about Sigma Upsilon Nu. My mom Cleopatra Kellman spoke highly of it, but I wanted to see it for myself, and see what all this talk was about. I did attempt to pledge once, but I just didnt have the strength to go through with it, then my second chance came around and it was amazing! I joined SuN because I wanted to experience something that was heartfelt and touching. I have met some of the most amazing women I ever met since my journey on secondlife. I am truly happy that i picked SuN!~Soror Msphilly Zepp (Big Sister Faithful)

Bio of Msphiladelphia215 Zepp AkA Msphilly

 Soror Name and line information: Big Sister Faithful Line #11 Mi Famila – It has been said that the number 11 is double of what the number 1 represents . . . the number 1 represents Purity.  The women of Line 11, Mi Familia are currently walking through fire to be Purified and we do so freely!

 SL age and rezz date;  5 years old. Rezz date 11/21/2008

 Partner:  Klean Jordans

 Children:I have 6 wonderful kids

 What does sisterhood mean to you? Sisterhood to me means a bond between a group of friends. These women are not your biological sisters but you share and interact with them as if you are. They are there for each other and encourage one another. Sisterhood means that someone always has my back. It means that united we stand. divided we fall! As long as this is a healthy organization that does charitable works in the community 

 How many started and finished your pledge line? There were 7 who started out with Mi Familia, at the end there were 3 of us

 Would you go through pledge again? and why?  Hmmm would I go through pledge again? No!! (lol) only because of the emotional impact. You g0 through so much, but at the end its beautiful!

 What is your fondest memory of to date of being a Soror of SuN? Well I am just a new comer so I really can’t answer that, the only fond thing I can speak of us when we were sworn in to SuN What a wonderful evening that was!

 Your SL Occupation:I do a little of everything from Host, to deliver babies!

 What type of Role play you do if any in SL? The type of role play I like to do is mainly family based. Meaning cooking, cleaning, and taking my little ones to the zoo

 What do you do for fun in SL?Well I like to go to the casino that’s a new hobby for me, other than snapping pics here and there.

 What is your pet peeve in SL:One of my biggest pet peeves on SL would be stuck up people, this is a virtual game, don’t bring what u are in RL to SL

 When you listen to music what is the first genre you choose? I love NEO SOUL, I am a huge fan

 Who is your favorite recording artist? My favorite recording artist would be Jill Scott

 What is your favorite movie and what is your favorite line from that movie.  My favorite movie of all time is Color Purple, the line i love is… ” I may be poor, I may be black, and ugly, But im free! ”

 What is your favorite television show?My favorite TV show at this time would be American Horror Story

 Do you follow sports what is your favorite sport and team?Not to big up on sports, I will watch a Eagles game here and there

 What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream? Believe it or not…. I don’t like ice cream.

 If you had to plan your last meal, what would it be?  My last meal would be a feast of seafood! LOVE IT

 You just had the bad day what do you do to relax?When I am having a bad day. I run me a nice hot bath, light a few incenses, blast me some neo soul and let that take me away

 If you had a special super power what be and how would you use it.  If i had a super power it would be to go invisible. so when I don’t want to be bothered POOF!

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