Naiema Rexie

Why I joined Sigma?

Some years ago I read the book of Daniel and it said he had an “Excellent Spirit” and I decided in my heart that I wanted that for myself.  I strive to do everything that I do or put out to the best of my ability.  And in SL it was no different I was looking for something to be a part of, I saw all these families being put together but I didn’t feel comfortable calling somebody mom or dad just for the sake of doing it.  I had been doing poetry and I followed am inspiring lady by the name of Ngozi right to the conference room of Sigma Upsilon Nu.  I got chills the minute I read the creed and motto “Excellence through Unity” I instantly knew that I belonged in this group.  These ladies have been friends to me on and off the grid, during the time I was not even sure I would return to SL they supported me with encouragement through life’s endeavors and challenges.  I have truly found Sisters here for that I am grateful. ~ Soror Naiema Rexie (BIG SISTER SPIRIT) 


 Bio of Soror Naiema Rexie

 Naiema is quick on her feet, witty and unique. Her abilities to adapt to any situation or challenge is often unmatched. Love and laughter are a part of her very essence.

 Soror Name & Line Information: Big Sister Spirit – Phenomenal Line

 SL Age and Rezz Day: I guess I am an SL child Rezz Day 12.29.10

 Partner:  None

 Children: RL 2,  SL 0

 What does sisterhood mean to you?  Sisterhood to me is the expression of love between women at the highest form.  I would not call myself a sister to any lady who I would not be willing to stretch myself out for. 

How many started and finished your pledge line? My line started with 3 and we crossed as three (One Line, One Soul).

 Would you go through pledge again & why? Yes, I would absolutely go through pledge again.  Pledging taught me to assert myself without apology, by being my truest self I have found the courage to become the best version of who I am.

 What is your fondest memory of to date of being a Soror of SuN?   It had to be the night we crossed.  We were truly phenomenal, we earned that name.

Your SL Occupation:   My last SL occupation was a host at BlackBerry Molasses, I am starting some new projects these days, just back in SL getting my bearings. I’m currently working on a Sim where I will be renting out homes.

 What type of Role play you do if any in SL?   I mean all of SL is role-play isn’t it? As for my interactions I don’t play any particular character, I’m me through and through.

 What do you do for fun in SL? Hmmm change my clothes and hair,  I spend time with my Sister Blessing, I do a LOT of exploring, any other time I’m with my Sorority Sisters. As more time becomes available to me I guess I’ll find more things to do for now home decorating is my favorite activity.

 What is your pet peeve in SL:  People who are gassed for no reason, I mean I guess its cool to be well known in SL.  I GUESS but to regard yourself as if you are a snooty royal because you think your avatar is fancy…SMH.  Sometimes people take themselves way to seriously.

 When you listen to music what is the first genre you choose? Umm I like Caking music, I will let you judge what that is

 Who is your favorite recording artist? Lol seriously thats a crazy question to me how can anybody choose one?

 What is your favorite movie and what is your favorite line from that movie. Umm, I don’t have a particular favorite movie, but my favorite line from a movie is from the Temptations when Otis and Blue went to check David Ruffin on his ego and David checked them instead lol it went something like this.  David: …”They comin to see me!.” Otis: “They are coming to see the group!” David snapping back; Ain’t nobody comin to see You OTIS” I fall over laughing every time.

 Do you follow sports what is your favorite sport and team? I actually hate sports because my man goes deaf whenever they come on. In SL I do like the football league. I was a cheerleader for the VBL.

 What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?  hmmm Moolineum Crunch by Blue Bell

 If you had to plan your last meal, what would it be?  If I knew it was my last meal I wouldn’t be able to eat, it would be nothing. (But I do love crab legs)

 You just had the bad day what do you do to relax?   Can I say smoke weed?, if not I’ll drink some wine and take a bath. If I had my dream bad day fix I would jump on a private jet and go somewhere by myself.  I miss the days of quiet lol.  I wish I had taken more advantage of those days.

 If you had a special super power what be and how would you use it. I would be able to teleport in RL…travel the globe and take others on journeys with me. (same as Ngozi) hehe

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