Bio of Soror KoreyZhane

Korey Chenaux Mancino Rezzed 12/5/2010. Daughter of Shanina Chenaux and Stacks Million Mancino. My talents are party planning, decor, and freelance venue design. I am true to my family and circle of friends; they all mean the world to me. I am a shopaholic to the core and love fashion. When it comes to style, I do my own thing. I am out spoken, which tends to get me in trouble on occasion. I am very spoiled and can be a bit coincided at times but my heart is genuine. My loyalty runs deep and I expect the same from my circle.


Name: Korey Chenaux Mancino

Soror Name and line information: BIG SISTER DEFERENCE from Trinity- Line 12

SL age and Rezz date: My RP age is 20. 12/5/10

Partner: None

Children: None

What does sisterhood mean to you? To me sisterhood is a group of women of different backgrounds, cultures and religions that come together to celebrate womanhood.

How many started and finished with your line? 4 began 3 finished.

Would you go through pledge again and why? I would only go through pledge again if my decision affected others.

What is your fondest memory of to date of being a Soror of SuN? My fondest memory yet is when I began to see growth within my line while on pledge.

What is your SL Occupation? I am an event planner, venue designer.

What type of Role play you do if any in SL? I do family RP as well as Biker club RP’ing

What do you do for fun in SL? Shop and chill with family.

What is your pet peeve in SL? People who bully others, like they can actually do something over the net.

When you listen to music what is the first genre you chose? Neosoul

Who is your favorite recording artist? Jill Scott

What is your favorite movie and what is your favorite line from that movie? “The Help” ” you is smart, you kind, you is important.”

What is your favorite television show? Sanford and Son

Do you follow sports? What is your favorite sports team? I follow basketball, The Heat.

What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream? Beyers Gelato Cappuccino

If you had to plan your last meal, what would it be? Seafood Gumbo made by a true Nawlinian, a fully dressed oyster poboy from Gens with a Red Cream soda from Barq’s, Praline candy and a rum punch with two Crown shots to take off the edge.

You just had a bad day, what do you do to relax? I go to my gym and schedule a spa day with a bottle of wine.

If you had a special super power what would it be and how would you use it? My special super power would be the ability to give people common sense with one single touch. I would go around touching random people all day.

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